How I Got Here


Hello, My name is Franceska Willis, I am a labor doula and childbirth educator. My first experience supporting someone during labor and birth started in high school a friend was expecting and every time we spoke she was so stressed about everything her parent was not happy with her decision to have a baby so young, she was worried she would be alone at the hospital when the time came to birth her baby so I volunteered to be there to support her. I read many books and did a lot of research so that I would be as helpful as possible. At that point I had no idea what a doula was I was just being a good friend, I later found out that this was a profession and I was being a "doula".

I believe birth was amazing and beautiful. Not long after I found out I was expecting, I experience a lot of the same feeling my friends experienced. I felt like I knew birth but was not prepared for pregnancy. I had my son when I was I8 years old, we had an amazing doula during my pregnancy. She was very helpful, I think I was prepared to have my son due to her ability to comfort and educate me when I would run through worst-case scenarios with her. Her support really got me through my pregnancy, labor, and birth. Birthing my son, sealed the deal for me to become a doula, no matter your age or how many children you have there is still a moment of questioning whether or not  you can do this and so I want to be one of the people supporting you through labor and birth all the while reminded you that YOU CAN DO THIS. Having a child is not easy and I want to help the expectant family be empower and educated, with evidence-based information to encourage the birth vision they have. Pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family is one of the most beautiful things about humanity. As a Doula, I am privileged to help future parents make these experiences as positive and healthy as possible. It’s never surprising to me when another scientific paper proves the positive impact a Doula can have on the mother and family. I am proud to have received my training and offer care to women and families across the South Florida area.